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Learn the basics of MYOB software and have the knowledge to do your own payroll for home or feel confident stepping into a work place setting. Our MYOB Training course will have you set up to succeed with a comprehensive knowledge of the software and a certificate and reference to add to your resume.


1. Accounts -

Chart of Accounts

Journal Entries

Deposits for Electronic Payments

Send to Accountant


2. Banking -

Bank feeds- Reconciliation- payments for multiple item made together

Spend/ Receive money & Pay Bills/ Receive payment

Reconcile accounts

Bank Deposits


3. Sales -

Entering invoices- credit notes/ closing invoices

Layouts of invoices & importance of job nos

Process from quote to a closed invoice

Sending statements

Invoice Reminders- setting them up


4. Purchases -

Entering bills- debit notes

Layouts of bills and importance of job nos

In Tray function- Email address


5. Inventory -

Items List- creating, editing and deleting. Accounts to be used for sale, purchase & inventory

Receive items- its effect

Stock take, ‘Count inventory’ and inventory reconciliation

Adjust Inventory

Build/ Auto build items


6. Card File -

Cards List

Contact Log


7. Lists -

Lists- Recurring transactions


- SYSTEM: Warn if jobs are not assigned

- REPORTS & FORMS: Ageing Reports format

- SALES: Delete quotes upon changing to invoice

- SECURITY: Lock Period

- EMAILING: Invoice Reminders & Discuss about sending emails



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